Motivational stress balls for event industy professionals looking to relieve stress and be encouraged. (3pack)

Squeeze fidget balls provided in our calming baby blue color and can be use at any location. Balls are easy to store and may be added to the Event Therapy Emergency Event Kit. 


Event Therapy Stress Balls- Each stress balls has a motivational message or word to inspire and reduce stress. The goal is to use repetitive squeeze exercises with deep breathing techniques to relieve stress. 


Quantity- Each package has 3 unique stress balls that may be stored and used in any location. Leave one in your Event Therapy Event Emergency kit, one in your car and one in your business office setting. 


Stress Motivational Sayings

1. I am Enough

2. I Am, I Can, I WILL

3. I am my only limit

Event Therapy Motivational Stress Ball (3 pack)

Color: Blue
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