Simply Charessa is a certified event planning professional that offers personal event coaching, event processing, event production, and therapeutic resources for event industry professionals. In addition to event planning Simply Charessa provides key therapeutic strategies and resources to support event industry professionals. 

Underneath the name Simply Charessa, brands such as non- profit organization Charge Up Campaign, SC Visionary Planning & Production Services, and Event Therapy thrive. We focus on the care of our clients whether it is catering to breast cancer and cancer survivors and their caregivers through Charge Up Campaign to providing self-care strategies and mental health support through Event Therapy. 

Our team of highly qualified professionals focus on the care, ease, and success of every event that we produce.

Simply Charessa is available for speaking engagements. 

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About Simply Charessa

Little Bit of Her-story

Charessa Sawyer, CEO and Founder of SC Visionary Planning & Production Services, Event Therapy and Charge Up Campaign has dedicated her life to supporting and celebrating others through events and productions with a purpose. 

She is the leader and visionary of SC Visionary Planning & Production Services and spearheads cause-based campaigns for nonprofits and philanthropists. Charessa is committed to producing events that are fundamental to the growth of those who are reached; she is committed to sharing her knowledge with other planners in efforts to build a collaborative group of event professionals that produce amazing work in their specific industry. 

Charessa works with professionals from various industries like public relations, sponsorship management, lighting and sound and more in efforts to provide her coaching clients and event planning clients with a well-rounded and organized team to support their visions. She says that mastering relationships and building networks in business are key to your vision's harvest. 


SCV Productions is your central hub for all of your event planning needs. Place your trust in the visionaries who will not only execute a memorable experience, but exceed your expectations. 

SCV Productions- Atlanta, GA  |  Tel: +1 (866) 262-4555

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